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    After my adoption is finalized, can the birth mother or father take my child away from me?  If I want to give my child a better life by placing him or her up for adoption, can I be held financially liable for the child after the adoption process is complete?  These questions and many more can be answered best by working with experienced Salt Lake City Adoption Lawyers.

    The lawyers at Carr Law Utah strongly believe that every child deserves a permanent and happy home.  Whether you are a biological parent looking to act in the best interest of your child or looking to adopt a child, there are legal processes that you need to be aware of.

    Utah Adoption laws state that there can only be one legal mother and one legal father which means that the legal rights of biological parents need to be terminated in order the adoption process to move forward.  In addition, background checks may need to be performed, legal and proper notice may need to be issued and you may be required to attend counseling sessions depending on the details of your specific case.  Even if you have chosen to work with a Utah Adoption Agency, we recommend that you contact our offices.

    Salt Lake City Adoption may be very different from the adoption processes in other states so deciding to work with a Law Firm like Carr Law Utah is an important first step in reducing the potential headaches that can be involved in adoptions.  Carr Law Utah understands the Salt Lake City Adoption laws and we make it our mission to work hard to expedite your adoption case.

    Whether you are making the decision to give your biological child a permanent and happy home with another family or you are a family welcoming a new child into your home, we would like the opportunity to help make your adoption process as easy as possible.  Call our offices today at (801) 810-7002 or send an email to ken@carrlawutah.com and an experienced Salt Lake City adoption attorney will contact you to review the specifics of your case and advise you about the most practical way for you to move forward.

    Please visit our blog: Utah Adoption Information for additional resources.