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  • Utah Restraining Orders

    Filing for a Utah Restraining Order (Protective Order):


    A protective order, or restraining order, as it is commonly referred to, is a legal decree issued by a state court.  The order requires that one person (respondent) stops harming another person (petitioner).  There are several different statutes that govern how, why and when protective orders can be issued by a Utah judge.  There are also various types of restraining orders.  Discussing your unique situation with a lawyer who understands the process for filing a Utah Restraining Order is highly recommended.

    If you have been harmed by a person or have credible evidence to suggest that you could potentially be harmed by someone, you may be able to file for a restraining order in Utah.  Typically a Utah Restraining Order is sought against a spouse or relative who has done harm already or has threatened to do harm.  There are also stalking injunctions that can be issued by a Utah judge for cases where the petitioner of the protective order is not related to or has not lived with the respondent in the past.  There are various types of harm which include: threats, physical abuse, stalking, harassing, sexual assault, kidnapping, intimidation and others.

    If you have been granted either a temporary or permanent restraining order and the respondent violates your protective order, you should immediately call the police.  When the police officer arrives you will show a copy of your protective order to the officer and request the case number for the incident to ensure that the proper paperwork has been filed.  It is important that you report each and every violation of the protective order to the police so that proper steps can be taken to ensure your personal safety.

    Every person has the right to feel safe and secure and if a person has harmed you, a member of your household or your child, you can likely seek a legal remedy.  Working with a Utah Lawyer who knows the details surrounding Utah Restraining Orders is in your best interest.  At Carr Law Utah, we will fight to ensure your personal safety and it is important that we file a protective order as quickly as possible following the event(s) that have caused harm to you.  Call our office today at (801) 810-7002 or send an email to Ken Carr at ken@carrlawutah.com.

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